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Turrall: Turrall Fly Tying Kits - Premium Freshwater Kit

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Turrall Fly Tying Kits - Premium Freshwater Kit 

Turralls award winning fly tying kit with all of the materials and tools you need to start tying your own flies, packed into a 250mm x 350mm x 75mm ABS plastic carrying case.

Contents include:
Full Natural Cape
Selected Cock Hackles in a variety of popular colours
Turkey Marabou
Red Ibis
Cock Pheasant
Peacock Herl
Tinsel - Gold and Silver
Seal's Fur substitute in a variety of shades
Medium Chenille in popular colours
4 Floss colours
Duck Quills in several colours
Grey Maallard Flank
Calf Tail
Hen Pheasant Quills
Flash Chenille
Flashbou dubbing
4 reels of pre waxed tying thread
Clear Varnish
Black Varnish
Hackle Pliers
Dubbing Needle
Bobbin Holder
A selction of 72 hooks in a variety of 9 popular types and sizes.
Illustrated colour instructions.


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