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Turrall: Turrall Hi-Carbon Hooks - Salmon Tube Fly Trebles (10 Hooks) - T965

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Turrall Hi-Carbon Hooks - Salmon Tube Fly Treble (10 Hooks) - T965
Round bend. Straight-eye. Black japanned. Available in size, 8, 10, 12, and 14. Uses: Salmon, Sea Trout and Steelhead tube flies and waddingtons and spinning lures, flying C's.

  • Hi-Carbon Nickel-Chrome.
  • Dual-Cone Needle-Point.
  • Micro Barbs.
  • Triple Protected.
  • Chemically Sharpened

Turrall hooks are made by craftsmen, using both traditional and state-of-the-art purpose -designed equipment, from high-carbon nickel chrome Sheffield steel. The hooks feature dual-cone centreless-ground chemically sharpened points and low-cut short micro barbs. We produce double bronzed or black lacquered hooks and, in addition, the new generation are nickel plated for triple protection. Unlike other chemically sharpened hooks they can be re-sharpened. Our hooks are prized for their design, sharpness, hardness, strength and endurance.


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