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Shire: Searchwater Fly Reel - 9/11 PEWTER GREEN

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  • Aerospace Grade Aluminium
  • Extra Porting to reduce weight whilst maintain integral strength
  • Enclosed to keep out moisture and debris
  • Multi disc drag system with gentle low start up inertia
  • Ultra smooth feel
  • Positive ergo dynamic click drag knob
  • Polished stainless steel drag bearings, spindle & working parts
  • High durability & Performance
  • Easy spool removal via sealed o-ring screw cap
  • Tool-less left/right hand conversion
  • T styled tipped retaining spool counter balance

Shire Searchwater Fly Reel
Shallow 9/10# Spool*


Modern design with a classical feel make the Shire Searchwater fly reel range the perfect stylish partners for modern lightweight fly rods. Ultra lightness has been achieved by machining the Searchwater reels from T6061 aerospace grade aluminium with extra porting to further reduce weight whilst maintaining integral strength. They are equipped with a smooth large diameter multi-layered enclosed drag system which has a low start up inertia and a monster stopping high drag setting power. Hard anodised in a pewter finish with stainless steel parts the Shire Searchwater is fully saltwater resistant and suitable for saltwater use. Available in three different sizes; 4/6, 7/8, and 9/11, with red, green, or blue drags the Searchwater sets a new benchmark of design, weight, and quality within its price range.


·         Fully CNC machined from T6061 aerospace grade aluminium the Searchwater has extra

        porting to further reduce weight whilst maintaining integral strength

·         Enclosed large diameter multi-disc drag system with a gentle low start up inertia and ultra smooth feel.



·         Sealed drag to keep out moisture and debris.


·         Positive ergo-dynamic click drag knob.     


·         Polished stainless steel drag bearings for durability and performance.


·         One-way roller clutch bearing with internal cap and o-ring seal.


·         Stainless steel spindle and internal parts.      


·         Easy spool removal via a sealed o-ring screw cap that tightly locks to the spindle.


·         Tool-less left/right hand retrieve conversion.


·         Silent retrieve with a subtle drag clicker.


·         T styled tippet retaining spool counter balance.


·         Supplied with a Searchwater neoprene reel case.




Spool Dia.

Arbour Dia.

Spool Width


Line capacity


Spare Spool






WF-9F + 105m 30lb*





* The 9/11 is available with two different spools a shallower spool for 9/10# river, pike, carp, and light saltwater use and a deeper spool for 9/10/11# Speylines and saltwater use.


Makers Notes:

9/11 – We recommend this reel with its shallower spool for salmon, pike, carp and light saltwater species. It is ideally suited for a 9# line and balanced the 9ft 9# rods we tested it with perfectly. It will also be available with a deeper spool for speylines and full tropical saltwater use soon.

For long term reel care we recommend that the drag dial is set to low resistance when the reel is not in use and after saltwater use the reel is rinsed off in fresh water.


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